Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pumpkin project

My goals and intentions of this pumpkin were to show the shadows and shades of the pumpkin in real life. I accomplished them by making the areas with dark shadows, very dark. I used charcoal to make them as black as I could. I also accomplished it because i made the areas with light whiter with white chalk. My painting is about shadows and color shades. My picture had a lot of different shadows which made it fun to draw. I think the most difficult thing i had to face was making sure the stem was not too big or too small. I think by the end I did it a good size but i struggled in the begginig with its size. I think my painting really works at the start of the stem. I love right behind the stem when the white comes into the black and starts to form the stem. things i learned that i can bring into my next painting is that I should trace or outline it first before you do it. In the project I would lightly outline the stem or somehwere that i needed and then i would start to charcoal and i think that really helped. Honestly the only mentor I used was Mr. Gadraeu. He really helped me with my shadows and I wouldnt have been able to pull this off without him. I learned from georgia that i needed to make some sides darker. If i had a do over i honestly wouldnt change anything. The thing i feel best about is the shadows and stem. It is by far my favorite part of the project.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Fam pics pt. 3

the two top pictures are all my girl friends and the next one is some of my guy friends. the bottom left is me and my brother and the right is my friend kiersten and i on my jetski.

fam pics pt. 2

In these pictures, the two up top are my very good friends, I picked those pictures because those people are like family to me. The bottom right one is my two best friends. It is at night in off lighting.

Fam pics pt 1

the 3 girls are my 3 best freinds when we went to dinner together, the 4 feet are my other good friends when we went to hershey park.